Understanding THE GLORY

I wrote this 7 years ago…
The glory of God is the chief and ultimate end of all life, ministry, history and all things. It sets the purpose and context for everything. It is the “why” of all that we are, say and do, and is the only right heart motivation for developing the right character, right teaching and right practices in life, family and ministry.
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Jonathan_Edwards Jonathan Edwards

I wrote this 7 years ago. On the end goal and sure destination of all things: THE GLORY OF GOD. Chief, root, fountain, foundation, rail, fuel, goal and end of faith and all of life. Read and re-read. Memorize the Scripture references. Ponder and meditate. This is key to nurture, growth, sanctification and perseverance in, through and for Christ.

Then, drink deeper from this most nourishing, most heart-and-life-changing, most empowering and most essential study and meditation. Read:

1. The introduction and first chapter of Sean Michael Lucas’ God’s Grand Design: The Theological Vision of Jonathan Edwards. It’s FREE at http://www.wtsbooks.com/common/pdf_links/9781433514456.pdf

2. John Piper’s book-length introduction to Edwards’ book. It’s FREE at http://document.desiringgod.org/god-s-passion-for-his-glory-en.pdf?1439242050

3. Jonathan Edwards’ book itself. The End for Which God Created the World is FREE at http://www.ccel.org/ccel/edwards/works1.pdf

It is the hardest book that I’ve ever read so far, but the fruit of days and nights of patient, thoughtful…

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